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Some links may not be active immediately after you sign up for Office 365

This is because the service is still provisioning your account and some resources are not ready to use. When provisioning is complete, the color of these links will change to blue, and they will be able to be used. If these links are still inactive after 12 hours, contact Support.

The RSS Viewer Web Part and the XML Viewer Web Part are not supported in Office 365

By Design - No workaround available at this time.

If you had already added an RSS Viewer Web Part or an XML Viewer Web Part to a page, you will see the following behavior:

Office Web Apps do not support Google Chrome

Support for Google Chrome in the Office Web Apps will come as part of a future update to Office 365. To work around these issues, use a supported browser such as Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox.

To connect to Office 365, some users may be required to configure Outlook manually

If you're using Outlook 2007, see Set Up E-Mail in Outlook 2007.

If you're using Outlook 2010, see Set Up E-Mail in Outlook 2010.

If you're using Outlook 2011 for Mac, see Set Up Outlook for Mac 2011 for Your E-MailAccount.

Federated users of Mozilla Firefox need to apply registry setting for successful sign in to Office 365

To make sign-in successful, apply the following registry setting to the user’s computer:

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SYSTEM/CurrentControlSet/Control/Lsa] "SuppressExtendedProtection"=dword:00000001 "LmCompatibilityLevel"=dword:00000003


Office 365 administative tasks and troubleshooting help

Microsoft Showcase provides a suite of video trainings for all of the Office 365 services.

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Displayed local time and time zones may not be not correct in SharePoint Online

Updates to support these DST changes will be applied to Microsoft SharePoint Online servers over the next several months. Notices of these updates will be provided in these release notes and referenced on Any SharePoint Online tasks, timer jobs, appointments, or other data impacted by these updates will be adjusted to use the updated time zone definitions.


SharePoint admin permissions not working

If administrators or technical support resources delete and recreate any Microsoft Office 365 administrator account, they should also verify the recreated account's administrator access to SharePoint Online. If there are issues accessing SharePoint Online, or performing administrative functions, please contact support for assistance.

Trouble with SharePoint single sign-on

In Office 365, to access your SharePoint Online sites from a mobile device, you must first sign in on the Microsoft Online Services sign in page using your user ID or federated corporate credentials, and your password. You will reach this page on your mobile device by browsing to the SharePoint Online website, which will redirect you to the Microsoft Online Services sign in page.

Additional authentication prompts in SharePoint Online

Note: This issue may not affect all users.

Scenario 1: Users who are signed in to Microsoft SharePoint Online sites using federated user IDs will experience additional credential prompts when working between a browser window and a Microsoft Office desktop application. In addition, these users will be required to authenticate after closing and reopening the browser. There is no workaround for this issue.

Scenario 2: When using Distributed Authoring and Versioning (DAV) with some client application features, such as “Open with Explorer” in a SharePoint Online document library, users may experience additional credentials prompts. To avoid this, users must select the Keep me signed in check box during sign-in.

Users who are signed in to SharePoint Online sites using federated user IDs do not have the Keep me signed in check box, so they will need to also authenticate with an Office desktop application such as Microsoft Word. Once these users have authenticated in both an Office desktop application and the browser, features and applications that use DAV to communicate with SharePoint Online will be successful.

Trouble accepting external sharing invitations to SharePoint sites

By Design - No workaround available at this time. Note: This issue may not affect all users.

Users can accept invitations to collaborate on a Microsoft SharePoint Online site by using either their user ID from Office 365 or a Windows Live Hotmail ID.

However, the following methods of accepting collaboration invitations are not supported:

Some unsupported workflow actions are displayed in SharePoint Designer

By Design - No workaround available at this time. To use these SharePoint workflow actions, you must have Office 365 for enterprises.

The following workflow actions are not supported in Office 365 for small businesses:

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The Office 365 sign-in page does not appear on servers if enhanced security is enabled in Internet Explorer

To disable enhanced security:

For Windows Server 2003: In Control Panel, click Add/Remove Windows Components, and then double-click Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration. In the Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration dialog box, ensure that the For administrator groups check box is cleared, and that the For all other user groups check box is selected.

For Windows Server 2008: Start Server Manager, and in the Security Information section, click Configure IE ESC. In the Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration dialog box, ensure that Off is selected under Administrators and On (Recommended) is selected under Users.

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Public IM connectivity not available

There is no workaround at this time. Public IM connectivity—instant messaging (IM), audio, and video communication with contacts who use the Windows Live public IM service provider—is not currently available.

Lync 2010 cannot sign in to Lync Online

If the Lync 2010 desktop client does not automatically discover the Lync Online service based on the sign-in address the user provides, refer to the Help topics:

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Some or all email addresses are not autocompleted

Email address suggestions do not appear.


It may take an hour to receive your first email

This is because there is a delay between when a newly created hosted organization is created and when that organization can receive mail from the Internet. This delay may last up to an hour due to replication of DNS changes. Mail received by Office 365 during this time will be returned to the sender with a non-delivery receipt (NDR). Once DNS replication is complete mail flow will be resumed automatically and no administrative actions are necessary. Users created after this first hour will not experience this delay.

User profiles upgraded to Outlook 2010 won't work if reverted to Outlook 2007

In this scenario, the user profile will have to be removed and recreated in Windows through the Control Panel and Mail options.


Temporary password change required

Because your first connection to Office 365 must be done with your temporary password, which you are required to change, you will need to first sign in to either the Office 365 Portal or to Microsoft Outlook Web App before connecting with the desktop version of Outlook. Once you change your password, you can then connect using the desktop version of Outlook. Likewise, if your password is reset by your administrator to a new temporary password, you must also sign in to the portal or to Outlook Web App before connecting to Office 365 using your desktop version of Outlook.

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